The objective of the organization of Equipment and Spare Parts of Import, S.L., is that the quality of the products and services offered is a faithful reflection of the expectations of each customer, thus ensuring the long-term success of the company. For that, it establishes, declares and assumes the principles described below:

1. The final quality of the product / service delivered to the client is the result of planned and systematic actions of PREVENTION, CORRECTION AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.

2. The only criterion used to establish the quality model of our products and services are the contractual requirements, as well as the wishes and expectations of our customers.

3. Quality requirements and contractual requirements must be translated effectively into specifications delivered to our suppliers in a COMPLETE AND TIMELY way.

4. Each employee of Equipment and Spare Parts of Import, S.L. Is responsible for the quality of their tasks. The Quality Manager has the role of IMPULSAR the implementation of the Policy and Quality Objectives and verify their implementation through internal audits.

5. The application of this Policy requires the active integration of the entire human group of the company, for which the Management considers that priority is the MOTIVATION and TRAINING to perform this function.

6. The Management shall define, at the beginning of each year, the Quality Objectives quantified, so that each year the specified objectives are met.

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